Friday, July 18, 2008

USS Sable Deck Log: 18 Aug. 1944

15:50 -- TBF (T-3) Ens. F. Tomaszak, A-V(N), USNR made landing 32,000.

17:52 -- SBD (B-18), pilot Ens. W.F. Martin, A-V(N), USNR landed on deck damaging gear and propellor. Shark, Paul Levern, S.2/c, 940 81 96, USNR was hit by left landing gear which broke off from (B-18) and was pronounced dead by Comdr. C.W. Letcher (MC), USNR immediately upon his arrival at the scene of the accident. The diagnosis as to the cause of death was a broken neck. ... The death was not a result of negligence.

When I visited the USS Yorktown, they had an exhibit honoring all the men that have died on all US aircaft carriers except the USS Sable and the USS Wolverine. Those pilots and crewmembers like Seaman Shark that died should also be honored as part of that exhibit.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Piece of history for sale

I found a USS Sable item being sold on E-Bay. When the bid was $9.99, I considered buying it. With one hour left, the bid is $89.99. Since I don’t really have a place to show it, I am skipping this USS Sable item.